Digital Marketing Courses at U of M – Dearborn


A great option for those that are looking for college-level digital marketing experience is the program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn (UMD).  The program is now a few years old and is gaining strength and reputation every semester.  It is a great opportunity to get a broad business degree with a special focus in digital marketing.

The program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn requires you to gain basic knowledge in other business aspects as well as digital marketing.  Throughout your [typical] four years of education you will take other courses that focus on topics such as accounting principles, information technology management, and financial analysis.  Other prerequisites, typically taken your Freshman year, can even range from astronomy to sociology to journalism and screen studies.  At UMD you will obtain a very wide-range of skills on the way to getting your Bachelor in Business Administration.  Some of the many topic’s covered through UMD digital marketing program include SEO, web analytics, experiment based market research, and social media marketing.  The classes range from Digital Consumer Search and Marketing to E-Tailing and Retailing to Digital Analytics and Content.  A full list of courses and requirements can be found here.

Realistically, obtaining a degree at UMD will put you ahead in the working world because you will have an actual college degree, not just an online certificate.  However, I’m sure a downside to many would be the time and money commitment.  Being a university, there of course are tuition costs and obtaining the degree is typically a four year process.  However, if you’re looking to get a college education, this is the way to go.  Even if you’re somewhat interested in marketing or computers, it would be beneficial to look into digital marketing.  UMD even offers a dual degree in Digital Marketing and Information Technology Management, which is a great pair to look in to.


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